Stylish wooden and wood-aluminium windows for homes and interior gardens with high quality, tailored for your small to large scale building project.

We believe that environmental protection will become one of the essential components of construction industry in the future. From this point of view Passivhaus is the most interesting option as it unites the ecological and economical approach. Our company has already received the first passive house certification for cold climates.

Russian expertise in harsh environment supported by the state of the art German technology vouches for the highest thermal efficiency and weather resistance, which is the ideal solution for passive-house building.

Beautiful and durable

We look at both the functional and the aesthetic requirements when considering a project to ensure that our solutions closely fit the target environments.

We carefully pick wood from a large selection such as pine, spruce, oak, Siberian larch, meranti, merbau and eucalyptus and then carefully consider the type of aluminium frame that would be both durable and compliment the chosen wood.

We combine state of the art thermal physics with a tried and tested architectural approach, which produces solutions that work in both modern structures and historical buildings that require renovation to meet modern efficiency requirements.

The approach used in our certified window concept allows a variety of external features while maintaining PASSIVHAUS physical properties. For example, our specialists are currently developing passive house windows that will meet the extreme requirements of Arctic regions.

A wide range for every project

RUKNA is capable of providing solutions ranging from simple IV78 windows conforming to the local standards, to the IV106 system, casement and composite windows, modern lift & side elements, aluminium clad wood window and door systems, entrance doors, shutters, conservatories, pivot windows in circular form and more.

Whether modern, rustic or historic, we make windows to perfectly fit in any design. High-quality wooden windows come along with high performance coatings. We employ the proven four-layer REMMERS technology assuring durable surface quality.

Specialising in special cases

Our main orders are custom-made products for special applications.

For example, we recently produced windows for the unique greenhouse of the 18th century Kuskovo Manor. The glazing is 30m long, 6m high with 15 degrees tilt , which under normal circumstances is very difficult to achieve safely, due to the size and inclination of the windows.

RUKNA windows are designed for such cases.

t is not an unusual for us to participate in projects requiring the implementation of specialist technological features such as eavesdropping defence or bullet-proofed performance.

Unrivalled custom service

Since we strive to offer outstanding customer service, our team of experienced professionals is ready to guide you through every step of your window package selection.

Learn more

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